POWA UPDATE - November 2018

POWA is more than your monthly newsletter. Here is an update of some projects POWA is working on at the moment.

With the help of the new DCC Placed Based grant POWA is the primary receiver of the funds and we will be over-seeing two new community initiatives, one being a Community Garden the other being Waikouaiti Waste Minimisation Community Group. Interestingly the Community Garden was one of the highest priority in the recent POWA Survey so that was very encouraging for us.

The Garden's expected outcome is to provide a sense of belonging to the community and an opportunity to meet other people from the area and make new friends. To learn about gardening e.g. what grows well in our area, how to save seeds, how to manage compost, how to look after plants, crop rotation and organic style gardening. The community to be part of an all age group project, There is no age limitations on this project and we anticipate it will also provide mental health and well being to our community. To help produce goods for local networks, and create on-line chat forums to share stories, recipes and gardening tips. A site and funding has been established, the next stage is asking for volunteers to help form a start-up committee to draw up a garden plan, set up a budget to purchase items, recruit volunteers and generally work out the best practice and how you want the garden to operate. There are other successful gardens operating to model off, and POWA is here to support you every step of the way. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please contact powa.ed@gmail.com.

POWA is currently working with Civil Defence in Dunedin to establish a Community Response Plan for the Waikouaiti and Karitane areas.  This plan will help our communities be more prepared and self-reliant in the event of a disaster or emergency. A group is currently being set up to provide response capability ranging from staffing the co-ordination centre to welfare within the community. In collaboration with Civil Defence the group oversees the Community Response Plan and engages with local residents to assist where needed. If you would like more information regarding this please contact powa.ed@gmail.com.

The RSA has kindly offered their carpark in Pratt Street as a daytime parking space. POWA is working with Transit to erect ‘Parking’ signage for the Main Street and Pratt Street directing people to the RSA site. This will provide additional parking space during the week for visitors and locals.

Unfortunately the Town Garden history signs have become water damaged and unreadable. POWA is currently working on the replacement of all these signs. If you see some missing don’t worry, they will be back soon.

www.waikouaiti.co.nz POWA is currently working towards an upgrade to the Waikouaiti website. This will be a more easy to navigate website incorporating current website information, more news and event information in an attractive modern format.

Thank you to all who participated and attended the recent Community Fete and Spring Show. Due to the success we are working with the Spring Show committee to make this an annual event. As I mentioned POWA is more than a newsletter, if you would like to know more about POWA or would be interested in joining, please contact Sonya at powa.ed@gmail.com.

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